Sawatdee ka, hello, I’m Siriluck Ouncharoen and I’m an architect, born 1984 in Sukhothai, Thailand.  I am proud and I love my hometown, Sukhothai, which is the first capital of Siam.  The Sukhothai Kingdom (1238–1438) was the cradle of Thai civilization; the birthplace of Thai art, architecture and language.  “Sukhothai” means “the dawn of happiness”.  From the beginning I fell in love with and was interested in archaeological sites, traditional architecture , traditional way of life, traditional local culture and nature.  For me these things bring a timeless value to modern day life.

Since 2009, after graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, I start drawing archaeological sites, temples, churches, local houses and royal palaces.  Bringing the simplest values to life in my drawings.  After years of refining my technique, I am now an active member of Asia urban sketchers and travel as much as possible to bring out the images of the culture and humanity throughout the world.  Drawing is my passion, my life and I love it.  Please look around and enjoy the art.